We know that Blendtec’s tagline says, “Will it blend?” However it looks like the phrase has since been taken and rephrased to “Will it bend?” as a joke of sorts to Apple’s iPhone 6’s bending issues, which have also been lovingly referred to as “#bendgate”.

For those who might have missed out on the news and are wondering what all the fuss is about, well basically there were several reports of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus bending in the pockets of its owners. This is somewhat disturbing and no doubt an annoyance to iPhone owners, but the internet has since managed to take the “scandal” and turned it into a meme.

Above and below are some of the funnier memes and parodies that we have come across regarding #bendgate so far, so if you have a few minutes to spare, you’ll want to check them out. They have been created by internet users as well as brands who are looking to take advantage of Apple’s misfortune, so enjoy!

Another from the folks at Samsung who just can’t seem to resist poking fun at Apple!

samsung bend

Here’s one from the folks at GadgetLove:


This one is pretty clever – the iPhone 6 Dali Edition!

ip6 dali

Bent iPhone? No problem! Apple has a repair kit all stocked and ready to go!

ip6 repair kit

So, what do you guys think? Which of these parodies are your favorite? If you know of any good ones, do let us know in the comments below!

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