bitesizeWhen we went to school, we are taught basic skills in a variety of subjects, such as math, language (this will vary depending on which country you’re in), science, history, and so on. However it seems that many, including President Obama, believe that computer programming is the way of the future.

While computer programming courses have long been offered and taught in colleges and universities, they were mostly optional and for people who wanted to get into those fields. However like we said, some believe that programming is the way of the future and that it should be made a necessity to learn them at an early age.

Well the BBC has recently decided that they agree with that opinion as they have recently offered coding lessons via its Bitesize website, which for those unfamiliar is a website that teaches children other core subjects as well. The course will include a number of interactive games and online guides to help children learn the basics.

They are also expected to introduced tech-themed TV shows. According to Jessica Cecil, the controller of the BBC’s coding and digital creative initiative, “It’s about giving the next generation a chance to shape their world, not just be consumers in it.”

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