volvo self-drivingWhen one talks about a self driving vehicle these days, it does not seem to elicit much excitement, as it sounds as though everyone has already started to dip their respective fingers into a potentially lucrative “cookie jar”, so to speak. Having said that, here we are with the great state of California issuing permits to those in the industry who would want to test out self-driving cars. In other words, manufacturers are required to obtain a special kind of testing permit as well as show compliance with a range of safety and insurance requirements.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles’ director, Jean Shiomoto, mentioned that “testing on public roads is one step to developing this technology, and the DMV is excited in facilitating the advancement of autonomous vehicles in California.”

This does not mark the first state in the U.S. to regulate autonomous vehicles or require permits, but it so happens that California is the largest state, not to mention having the Golden State house technological giants such as Google who happens to have a pretty large stake when it comes to self-driving cars as well. Audi makes history by being the first company out of the rest to obtain this California permit.

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