Remember the Cheetah robot that we talked about last year? It looks like there has been more modifications made to this particular robot, so much so that a new algorithm that has been uploaded to it allows this MIT creation to move even faster than ever before. A real life cheetah is capable of hitting a top speed of 60 miles per hour thereabouts thanks to a movement that some call “bounding”, which will involve pumping the back legs in tandem. Moving a robot in a similar manner has proven to be quite a challenge, but the MIT boffins have managed to somewhat achieve that, albeit not at a level that will be able to put nature to shame.

At point of publishing, this cheetah robot’s top speed stands at 10mph thereabouts, where it can also jump slightly more than a foot without losing any speed. Not only that, this robot is capable of running across uneven terrain without bundling over, and in due time, the researchers hope to be able to hit speeds of 30mph. Seeing a slew of these unleashed upon the enemy troops can be quite a scary and majestic sight if perfected, don’t you think so, as it bears down on footsoldiers in double quick time?

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