destiny-ps4The video game Destiny has certainly been quite the hit since it was released, don’t you think so? While video games do concentrate a whole lot in terms of visuals, visuals alone are unable to carry a game all the way to the end while ensuring that the gamer him or herself will remain engrossed. Having said that, it would require a harmonious relationship between the game’s storyline, visuals, and of course, soundtrack and sound effects to deliver the total package. We are glad to say that those of you who have been humming bits and pieces of music from Destiny will be pleased as punch to hear that Destiny’s official soundtrack has just been released.


This release of the official soundtrack by Bungie and Activision would mean you are able to pick it up over on iTunes for $9.99. As to whether the official Destiny soundtrack will be made available to the masses in different formats and mediums, that remains to be seen. The soundtrack itself will feature a whopping 44 tracks in total, where the credits roll will include the likes of Michael Salvatori, C. Paul Johnson, Martin O’Donnell and Paul McCartney. Would you be one of the first few to make a beeline for the official soundtrack?

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