drone-banDrones can be pretty useful if utilized in the right manner, and a certain Sohgo Security Services Co. Ltd. has announced that they will begin to offer a check-up service that involves the use of an unmanned flying robot – otherwise better known as drones, when it comes to scouring across large-scale solar power plants.

This unique service will be launched officially this coming April 2015, although Sohgo Security Services is kind enough to kick off the extremely niche service for its current customers from next month onward. It seems that the use of drones are not only meant to cover vast areas within the shortest time possible, but also to obtain useful information when it comes to the operation and maintenance of mega solar plants.

At the present moment, snapping aerial images of mega solar plants which are vast in nature do cost a whole lot, no thanks to the prices that aerial survey companies charge. Using a drone from Sohgo, however, will help reduce the cost of snapping aerial images, but it will also allow the choosing of a construction site in a more cost effective manner, not to mention keeping tabs on the construction status. It can also help hunt down troubled hot spots (pardon the pun) of solar panels without taking up too much time.

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