google_logoIn life, we have learned to ask the right questions – and you will then be able to obtain the answers required to move on and perhaps get ahead. However, some questions should remain burning within the confines of your soul, and it should not escape your lips. One of such questions would be the one that Germany has just put forward, asking Internet search giant Google to reveal more about their search algorithm considering how Google already commands such a huge lead in the market.

It seems that Google might want to give Microsoft a call sometime soon, as the latter was in a somewhat similar position many moons ago, having had their Internet Explorer browser dominate much of the worldwide browser market, and Europe wanted to introduce significant levels of regulation – in which what Google is now experiencing, having been politely requested to be more forthcoming about their search algorithms.

According to Germany’s justice minister, Heiko Maas, Google ought to be more transparent with their search results due to their dominant market position. Being more user friendly is highly recommended due to the huge economic impact that it will have where search result placements are concerned. Germany has fears that Google might help create an non-competitive market in Europe. This request remains just that at face value – a request, but if it turns into a court order, things might end up very different.

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