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Germany To Shut All Coal Power Plants In Favor Of Renewable Energy
Germany has made major strides in making renewable energy sources work for it, so much so that the country has decided to eventually shut down all 84 of its coal-fired power plants as it intends to primarily rely on renewable sources of energy. It’s pertinent to mention here that Germany has previously been one of the world’s biggest consumers of coal for power generation.

Germany To Make 50Mbps Download Speed As Standard
It looks like it is time to move to Germany, especially when we have received word that the country intends to deliver a standard 50Mbps download speed to everyone living there before 2018 is over. In other words, such a download speed would ensure that Germany’s Internet speed is 10 times faster compared to the worldwide standard, now how about that for a first world country?

Germany To Google: Can We Know Your Search Engine Algorithm, Please?
In life, we have learned to ask the right questions – and you will then be able to obtain the answers required to move on and perhaps get ahead. However, some questions should remain burning within the confines of your soul, and it should not escape your lips. One of such questions would be the one that Germany has just put forward, asking Internet search giant Google to reveal more […]

Germany Cancels Verizon Contract Due To Data Security Concerns
While we brought you word that Verizon has recently introduce an expansion to XLTE in Louisiana, which happens to be positive news, this particular bit will not resonate too well with the suits over at Verizon. Apparently, the German government has decided to cancel their contract with Verizon because of concerns that US authorities might have received data from the mobile carrier without any knowledge on the subscriber’s part.


German Federal Court Says Google Auto-Complete Could Violate Privacy
Google gets into trouble again with the long arm of the law in Germany this time around.

'Airwriting' Glove Converts Arm Gestures Into Text Messages
It’s a good week for people with arms as earlier this week, Thalmic Labs introduced its MYO Armband which allows the user to control their computer simply by gesturing. And in addition to that impressive piece of tech, Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is showing of its glove that can turn arm waves into text.The GKIT’s “airwriting” glove system allows the person wearing the device to draw letters in the […]

CeBIT Global Conferences: a highly inspirational CeBIT event!
It’s on us! Redeem your complimentary CeBIT ticket now and attend the CeBIT Global Conferences for free! Use this URL to go straight to the free registration web page.The CeBIT Global Conferences (CGC) are a core part of CeBIT, the global digital industry’s largest, most influential tradeshow and congress. Following their debut in 2008, the CGC have quickly evolved into the ICT world’s most important conference event. In 2012, they […]

CeBIT Global Conferences - Keynote Conference of CeBIT
In just four short days, the CeBIT Global Conferences (CGC) provide a panoramic view of the digital world’s mainstay markets: IT, Telecommunications, Digital Media and Consumer Electronics. In a hand-picked series of keynotes, talks and panels, more than 60 top experts from around the globe get together to address hot trends across sector borders and spotlight promising innovations and how they are likely to affect the working world and society […]

German court grants Motorola injunction against Apple's iCloud and MobileMe push email service and client devices (Update: Apple to appeal)
The battle is fierce, and Steve Jobs who vowed to go “thermonuclear war” with Google’s Android, might actually go through with his threats if he were alive today – after putting into consideration the latest developments at a German court that granted Motorola an injunction against Apple’s iCloud and MobileMe push email service as well as client devices. This is a permanent injunction, and it will not only affect Apple’s […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus on sale in Germany
Last year, Apple successfully got sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab banned in Germany due to the fact that the tablet looked too similar to its own iPad. To circumvent the ban, Samsung had to come up with a redesigned tablet, and it looks like Samsung has managed to pull it off. First it redesigned the Tab 10.1 and released the Tab 10.1N, and now it has come up with […]

IPCom sues retailers in Germany to stop the sale of HTC products
It looks like HTC’s streak of bad luck just got extended after the ITC ruled in Apple’s favor which would basically see the ban of some of HTC’s Android products come 2012. Now over in Germany, a patent firm by the name of IPCom has sued about 100 retailers in Germany for continuing to sell HTC products after the December 20th deadline which was handed down in a ruling by […]

Motorola Mobility wins injunction against Apple in Germany
It looks like Apple could be in a spot of trouble here as the German courts have ruled in Motorola Mobility’s favor regarding patent infringements. The courts have granted Motorola Mobility a “preliminary enforceable” injunction against Ireland-based Apple Sales International on the grounds that some of Apple’s products may violate their patents.

ASUS Transformer Prime accessory shows up on Amazon Germany
The ASUS Transformer Prime tablet has yet to be launched, but if you’re looking to start checking out new accessories before the tablet arrives on your doorstep, you might be interested in taking a look at this Origami-like smart cover accessory for the ASUS Transformer Prime.

Apple could get Motorola's injunction against them temporarily suspended
If you thought that Apple would be taking their loss against Motorola in a lawsuit in Germany lying down, you would be wrong as it looks like there is a good chance Apple could get the injunction against them suspended temporarily while they prepare their defense. 

Apple loses to Motorola in German Lawsuit
Week-end or not, the legal war in the wireless industry continues. Apple has just lost a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Motorola in Germany, based on two patents described as “method for performing a countdown function during a mobile-originated transfer for a packet radio system” and “multiple pager status synchronization system and method”. Both are fundamental enough that they could affect every single Apple handset.

German hackers accuse German government of creating trojan
If you watch movies such as Die Hard 4.0, you’ll know that governments in general do not hold much love for hackers and viruses, but what happens when the government itself is accused of developing a virus? While that sounds like it could be a plot for a movie, German hackers called the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) have discovered a trojan which they’re claiming was written by the German government.

International iPhone 4S pre-orders shipping time slips to 1-2 weeks
Uh-oh, it looks like the iPhone 4S has already been plagued by shipment delays, at least for international customers. While the hardware specs of the iPhone 4S didn’t exactly wow the crowd at Apple’s iPhone event, there are still loyal fans out there and users with the iPhone 3G or 3GS who will see the iPhone 4S as an upgrade. So much so that when the clock struck 12am on […]

Nanorockets used to deliver drugs to the system
What cooler way to deliver drugs (the good kind that saves lives) to your system than by shooting nanorockets through your body’s system? Not only is this supposedly a faster method of delivery, but will also be able to target specific areas of the body to deliver the drugs to.

8GB iPhone 4 and 64GB iPhone 4S outed by Vodafone Germany?
Given that Apple’s iPhone event is a little more than 24 hours away, it looks like maybe some carriers have gotten ahead of themselves and have either anticipated what Apple may be announcing, or they might have let the cat out of the bag a little too early.

Nokia's Windows Phone devices to feature 3D maps and voice-controlled navigation?
Are you curious as to what Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone handsets will be bringing to the table? Well according to Microsoft, Nokia apparently has special permissions to modify Windows Phone a little bit more than what other manufacturers like Samsung and HTC can do, and it looks like 3D maps and voice controlled navigation will be one of them.