google-play-store-uiWhat do you think of the freemium model that many apps adopt these days? I personally do not like it – it is somewhat even more frustrating than just a demo, since expectations are tempered somewhat while playing a demo, as you know just how many levels there are available that you can enjoy before you need to make the decision to play the game. As for freemium games, they allow you to dive right into the game and go farther than in a demo, but at a certain point when you want to pull ahead of the pack, you find out that investing time in the game delivers diminishing returns, unless you fork out some real world money.

Well, there has been bill shocks in the past because of such a gaming model no thanks to little ones who do not know any better, which is why Google Play Store looks set to improve the user experience by displaying price ranges of in-app purchases before you even perform an app download. This is extremely useful if you would like to have an estimate before installing the freemium app.

From September 30th onward, this is what the Google Play Store will be able to deliver to the masses, which is a step in the right direction. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail, don’t you think so?

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