groundxI am quite sure that we have seen many science fiction movies where the odds are stacked against the protagonist who is the only hope of saving the entire world from extinction against an invading alien race. Somehow, as everyone else around the hero dies and falls to the enemy sword, bullet or laser (depending on which era the story takes place in), the hero manages to zig-zag through the various incoming fire and deal the coup de grace. Well, the same scenario might happen in the future, as the Ground X-Vehicle Technology program comes in to play.

Basically, the Ground X-Vehicle Technology program is something that DARPA ( Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency) has in mind, where the vehicle itself is not only tough as nails, capable of handling some major hits along the way, but will also be smart enough to avoid incoming missiles by predicting their line of trajectory.

Program manager Kevin Massey shared, “Inspired by how X-plane programs have improved aircraft capabilities over the past 60 years, we plan to pursue groundbreaking fundamental research and development to help make future armored fighting vehicles significantly more mobile, effective, safe, and affordable.” That ought to go some way in saving the lives of our children on the battlefield, don’t you think so?

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