htc_logoWhen it comes to the world of smartwatches, there does seem to be a fair number of players out there, what with LG and their LG G Watch R, not to mention Motorola’s recently revealed Moto 360. Samsung themselves are doing pretty all right with a fair number of smartwatch devices revealed so far, and while we have heard whispers about HTC jumping aboard the merry smartwatch bandwagon, it does look as though that this is not going to be the case anytime soon.

Engadget has reported that HTC is not going to dive headlong into the world of smartphones due to the very real possibility of high research and development costs, although the Taiwanese company did not want to comment on the situation. Of course, it did not help HTC’s cause, either, when there were previous reports that point to HTC looking for a wearable prototype that relied on one of those Mirasol displays from Qualcomm, being color displays that sip very little juice despite being able to deliver a high level of legibility even under direct sunglight.

Will this particular move see HTC win out in the end? Perhaps, especially when you take into consideration that the smartwatch market is not exactly stable, and there is also the risk factor of the market collapsing instead of taking off.

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