I am quite sure that many of us are already well aware of “Bend-gate”, which will involve Apple’s recently released iPhone 6 Plus that seemingly bends after some forceful pressure is applied using one’s bare hands, as well as reported cases of the handset bending when left in the front pocket. Having said that, is this supposed to be “normal” with smartphones of that size? What better way to find out than to check out some of the iPhone 6 Plus’ rivals – and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would come into mind.

Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and not its latest model? The answer is pretty simple – the Galaxy Note 4 has not been released in the U.S. just yet, not to mention the Galaxy Note 3 also comes with a 5.7″ display. Having said that, “in the name of science”, Unbox Therapy has decided to “sacrifice” a perfectly working Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by subjecting it to the same bending test as the iPhone 6 Plus, where you can see from the video above just what the results are.

It seems that Samsung’s smartphone is made up of far sterner stuff than the iPhone 6 Plus, where you might be put off from picking up the Plus model of the iPhone 6 and settle for a smaller display instead.

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