john-chen-contextJust yesterday, the BlackBerry Passport was announced and in a few hours, was promptly sold out on BlackBerry’s official website. This seems to suggest that many are excited and curious about the new handset from the Canadian company. While BlackBerry has released many QWERTY devices in the past, the Passport is the first to feature an innovative gesture-based physical keyboard.

That being said, it looks like BlackBerry’s innovative days aren’t behind them because it seems that BlackBerry has more devices up their sleeves. Speaking at the media Q&A, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen was asked about the company’s strategy and plan for 2015. Chen talked about the possibilities of emerging markets but at the same time, he also mentioned that there is another “innovatively designed BlackBerry” in the works.

Naturally and unsurprisingly Chen did not share the details about said device, but if we had to venture a guess, perhaps it could be the recently patented “Visa” and “Victoria” device we saw earlier. For those who missed the report, basically the patent pointed at a new QWERTY device that BlackBerry could potentially be working on.

Based on the design, the phone featured a keyboard that could be unfolded. When closed, the handset would sport a large display and a single row of keys, but at the same time the keyboard could be unfolded thus revealing additional rows of keys. This allows the phone to remain somewhat compact, but at the same time allowing a QWERTY typing experience when needed.

The report at that time suggested a release in Q2 2015, and while we can’t confirm it ourselves, perhaps there is a chance that Chen could be talking about these devices. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled, but in the meantime who else is excited to see what BlackBerry can bring to the table in 2015?

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