microsoft logoSo we know that Microsoft isn’t opposed to mobile payments, after all there is Microsoft Wallet on Windows Phone, but could Microsoft be thinking about getting more involved with the service and making it as possible contender to the likes of Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Softcard (formerly known as ISIS)?

Well according to a report from Re/code, they could be. It seems that Microsoft has recently hired Iain Kennedy, the former payments product manager who been at Amazon for the past six years before jumping ship to Microsoft. Kennedy is now the product manager for Microsoft’s commerce platform which has some speculating that perhaps Microsoft could be thinking of rejuvenating their mobile payment efforts.

This was fueled by Kennedy’s previous work in which he oversaw a product management team that was working on a new set of payment products for consumers, one of which consisted of a digital wallet app for smartphones. It also seemed that the team was working on what sounded like a mobile payment solution.

This is according to Amazon exec Charlie Kindel who tweeted a job listing where it was revealed that the team was working on a “set of related, undisclosed, products which will delight billions of customers as they buy and sell things in the real world (as opposed to online).” Of course Kennedy’s work at Microsoft could be completely unrelated, but what do you guys think? Do we really need another form of mobile payments?

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