new-msnCan you remember when was the last time that you dropped by Now that is definitely a question that is worth pondering over, especially when you take into consideration how just about everyone no longer checks out portals, but they more or less know where they are about to visit the moment they go online. Microsoft intends to change things where portals are concerned, having introduced a revamped web portal that is more in line with that of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s “mobile first, cloud first” line of thought.

Located right at the top of the new MSN homepage lies an entire strip of shortcuts that will send the user to various Microsoft services including the likes of One Drive, Office 365 and Skype, not to mention to a range of other popular services – social networks especially, such as Facebook and Twitter. In due time, it looks as though Microsoft will introduce a range of MSN apps for Apple as well as Android devices which will be able to figure out all the list of preferences that you have already set across all of your devices.

For instance, if you opt to set a watch list of stocks in MSN Money, sports teams in MSN Sports, as well as recipe collections in MSN Food & Drink, all of those will still be accessible whether you are working on a computer, or on your iPad, or perhaps your Android smartphone. Check out a preview of it here first. [Press Release]

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