Earlier this week it was reported that Microsoft is mulling over a possible acquisition of Mojang which is popular for being behind the Minecraft game. Redmond was reportedly willing to spend up to $2 billion on the company. A new report claims that this acquisition is going to cost Microsoft $2.5 billion and that it is likely that Microsoft will announce this acquisition tomorrow, Monday the 15th of September.

For those who have been living under a rock, Minecraft is a very popular game that’s available on a variety of platforms, including but not limited to mobile, desktop and console. Over 100 million people play Minecraft across these different platforms. As it happens Minecraft is not available on Windows Phone, but its been around for both iOS and Android.

It wouldn’t be unfair to believe that if this acquisition really does go through Minecraft will finally land on Windows Phone. But will Microsoft spend $2.5 billion on a company just so its popular game can be released on its mobile platform? The real reason might be a bit different.

Perhaps Microsoft will push for more features in Minecraft that will be exclusive to the Windows and Windows Phone platforms, even the Xbox consoles, but this is pure speculation right now. We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out if Redmond announces this acquisition.

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