Companies competing in the wearable device market are mostly working on two kinds of products, smartwatches and fitness trackers. There has been considerable progress in the former as now there are SIM-enabled smartwatches available as well. Fitness trackers are getting better and cheaper with time and the Misfit Flash is a great new example of that. The Flash is a relatively cheap wearable device that tracks sleep and fitness data.

This isn’t the first time that Misfit has launched a wearable device that’s a fitness tracker. Last year the company came out with the Shine. It revisits the fitness tracker with the Flash and while retaining the features one would expect from such a device brings it to the market at a relatively cheaper price as compared to competitors.

The Misfit Flash is capable of tracking distance, steps and calories apart from tracking swimming and cycling as well. Unlike the Fitbit Zip which is a cheap fitness tracker the Flash is capable of tracking sleep as well.

Since there’s no big display that needs power or other power hungry sensors and features users will not need to charge the Misfit Flash every night. It is powered by a replaceable coin-cell battery which they can simply swap out when it dies. The fitness tracker syncs up automatically with Misfit iOS and Android applications to relay all the data that it collects.

Starting today the Misfit Flash can be pre-ordered for $50. It will be available from retailers like Best Buy and Target from next month.

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