moto-x-2014-review-15It seems as though there is going to be a new suffix to be added to Motorola’s unlocked and unbranded smartphone, and the name will be the Moto X Pure Edition. It makes perfect sense, actually, especially when you take into consideration that there will be no bloatware associated with such a handset. The Nexus range of smartphones have more or less arrived as “pure Android” in the past, and it does look as though Motorola has decided to follow down the same path, having announced that there will be an unlocked and standalone Moto X smartphone which will ship under the moniker of the Moto X Pure Edition.

Of course, a little bit of liberalism would be expected here since the Motorola Moto X does not actually make use of stock Android in the device per se, but it is as close as it gets with a wee number of tweaks. After all, the Moto X Pure Edition will not arrive with the bloatware as well as a slower operation system update schedule that plague the other carrier-branded smartphones.

As to when the Moto X Pure Edition will hit the market, that remains as an unanswered question, with “later in September” being the only answer from Motorola, whose website also depicts the words “coming soon” without leaving customers with an option to purchase one. Patience definitely plays a huge role here.

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