panasonic-awn-02Last week, we read about how the Soft Exosuit gained another $3 million in funding from DARPA to turn it into reality, and this just goes to show how work among the different military agencies around the world, as well as companies, are in a race to deliver a decent performing robot suit that will help provide a distinct advantage to humans when it comes to their roles – ranging from those on the battlefield, or to those who are involved in heavy labor. Enter the Panasonic AWN-02 Assist Suit which intends to reduce the amount of physical burden on the user’s body when it comes to performing heavy lifting at distribution worksites.

The Panasonic AWN-02 happens to be a test model that will feature functionality that has been inherited from the PowerLoader Light (PLL-01) when it comes to research, allowing it to assist with the bending movement and extending the trunk of the user. There will be position sensors in place that help detect the movements of the trunk, as the AWN-02 operates motors at the lower back according to the user’s intended movements. I suppose this would be able to handle a fight against the Alien Queen back in “Aliens”, especially in the hands of a trained soldier who is an expert in martial arts, or do you think even then a mechanized human would not have stood a chance? [Press Release]

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