post-it-appI suppose you can say that one of the more important inventions for the office would be the ubiquitous Post-it Note – not only does it allow you to leave a short message for someone who is not around, the versatility of it is truly astounding, taking into consideration how you are able to paste it at different places regardless of the time of the day, and it even comes in striking colors so that your eyes will not be able to miss out on it – and the same goes to the intended recipient. Well, to keep up with the times, Post-it Notes will now be able to work in tandem with a new app from 3M on the Apple Store – that is the Post-it Plus app for iOS.


Basically, the Post-it Plus app for iOS is able to capture up to 50 of the squares at any one time using the Apple device’s camera. Once that is done, the app will let you perform a “Sorting Hat” process – by going through various categories and sharing these notes with other collaborators in a brainstorming session. Not only that, one can also opt to export to PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox and other places as and when the need arises. There will be additional size compatibility coming soon, but for the moment, the app will only be able to recognize all square Post-it Notes.

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