While Samsung might be widely known for its mobile devices and home appliances, the fact is that the company makes much more than people usually know about. Its products not only include components used by many OEMs in their mobile devices, but also include products like laptops, peripherals, accessories and more. It has been a while since the company released a new laptop, there hasn’t been much speculation about the future of this business, but a new rumor claims that Samsung may be looking to exit the laptop market for good.

It merits mentioning here that this is a rumor for now, and that too from an unofficial source, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Samsung has not confirmed anything regarding its laptop business for now, so for all we know, the reality might be different from what this rumor tells us.

AllAboutSamsung claims that it has been able to confirm from Samsung that the company has discontinued development of laptops, apparently the Korean juggernaut did not give any reason exactly why it has chosen to give up on the laptop market. It is speculated that perhaps Samsung wants to focus more on the tablet side of the business, which is why they’re exiting the laptop market.

The possibility that at some point in the future Samsung will return to the market once again has not been counted out, that could depend upon the performance of its tablet business. The ATIV Book 9 and ATIV Book M were the only new laptops from Samsung this year and we haven’t heard any rumors of new laptops that are in the pipeline. Perhaps there might be some truth to this rumor, what do you think?

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