sony-smart-tennis-sensorIt was some time close to the end of last month that Sony introduced their brand new Smart Tennis Sensor, and we are pleased to take note that its availability has been further elaborated upon earlier today. HEAD will join up with current partners YONEX, Wilson and Prince when it comes to working with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor, delivering interactive tennis play as well as analysis to additional players who happen to reside in Japan as well as North America.

The Smart Tennis Sensor is special in a sense where it was specially engineered to cater to every single level of tennis players who happen to want to optimize their tennis game as well as share their performance results. It might seem like all play to some, but there is some serious science behind it, as the sensor can takes control to the next level through real-time shot visualizations which will be made available right there and then on a smartphone or tablet, in addition to a simultaneous display of recorded video and shot metrics.

Available in Japan since May this year among several racket models by YONEX, it will now make its way to North America – from January 2015 onward, via brand names Wilson, Prince and YONEX. [Press Release]

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