stella-carMost of the time, when it comes to solar powered cars, those are not exactly the kind of rides that you would want to take across the country as you can never quite tell just when you are going to run out of juice, especially when you have driven straight into an area where the sun has been blotted out by the clouds. Not only that, solar powered rides normally do not have the kind of power to pull you along, but here we are with Stella, deemed to be the first ever family sized road vehicle which will be solar powered.

In fact, Stella recently managed to occupy the top spot on the podium where the World Solar Challenge is concerned, and also picked up the Michelin Cruiser Class as it successfully completed a 3,000 kilometer journey all the way from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia in the previous fall.

What makes Stella all the more interesting is the fact that this particular ride was specially developed for road travel, as there is a large solar panel which sits atop the roof, allowing it to power the vehicle for up to 500 miles on a single charge. Not only that, it is capable of seating four at once, which goes to show just how powerful the ride can be just by harnessing the power of the sun via its solar panels.

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