supersmashbros-3dsWhen it comes to online gaming, there is one particular issue that needs to be tackled – that of cheating. It is said that online play in Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS happens to be moderated, and those who are deemed to have cheated, disconnected or even get involved in some kind of unsportsmanlike conduct (which would obviously be spelt out earlier in the T&C, I suppose) would have to face the music. This being an imperfect world, would also see imperfection “shine through” – as a particular bug seems to get legit players banned automatically.

EventHubs claims that those who decide to be in Peach’s shoes in the online “For the Glory” mode have been issued one day bans even when they did not do anything wrong. So far, it has been theorized that this automatic ban is due to Peach using her down+B attack early in the first round, which might have caused the game’s algorithm to lump the player as using an equipped item illegally.

Do bear in mind that this is but a theory, since it is also noted that Link, who shares similar down+B attack, does not end up getting banned. 1,440 minutes of no Super Smash Bros. at all, imagine the withdrawal symptoms!

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