vortex vrThere are a couple of virtual reality headsets being developed at the moment. One of them is the Oculus Rift and the other would be Sony’s Project Morpheus. Neither of these devices are available commercially yet but if you’re looking for an alternative virtual reality headset, perhaps the Vortex VR VRTX I could be of interest to you.

One of the differences between the VRTX I and other headsets available in the market at the moment is that it does not come with a built-in display. Instead it seems to rely on the user having an LG G3 handset of their own whose display will be used as the display of the headset as well.

Given the high-resolution display used in the LG G3, we guess it does make sense that the folks at Vortex VR have gone with the handset instead of something else, although it does limit its market as not everyone has an LG G3. The headset has also been 3D printed thanks to a collaboration with GameFace Labs and 3D Systems.

According to David Haines, the Chairman and interim CEO of Vortex VR, “This is the mobile VR experience everyone has been waiting for, and with our technology partners, GameFace Labs and 3D Systems, we have been able to rapidly bring to market a mobile case and device with technology that has been developed to best leverage the Android OS, along with the powerhouse of hardware within the LG G3.”

No word on when the headset will see a commercial release, but developers interested in checking it out can place an order for it via Vortex VR’s website for $99.99.

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