Earlier this year, Ubisoft released one of their more anticipated titles, Watch Dogs. Thankfully for Wii U gamers, Ubisoft also revealed that they had a Wii U version in the works although it would be delayed and will see a launch on the 18th of November instead, which we guess better late than never, right?

That being said, it looks like not only did Wii U owners have to deal with a late release, but it seems that Wii U gamers will also be missing out on certain features. According to a tweet by the official Watch Dogs Twitter account, it has been revealed that the Wii U version of the game will not be getting any of the DLCs.

This is pretty disappointing as it means that gamers will only be able to play with the content that they are given, and that additional content in the future will be pretty much off-limits to them. However this isn’t the first time that Wii U gamers have been given such treatment. Back in 2013, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 4 for the Wii U did not allow DLCs either.

Also back in August, it was revealed that Batman: Arkham Origins for the Wii U would not come with multiplayer mode, although we guess the upside is that it was priced cheaper due to the missing feature. In any case what do Wii U gamers think? Do you think it’s unfair, or do not care and wouldn’t mind just playing the core game?

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