As you might have heard, Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10, the company’s next-generation Windows operating system. According to Microsoft, the reason they went with Windows 10 is because they felt that it was not right to call it Windows 9. Speaking at the event, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson was quoted as saying, “Windows is at a Threshold and now it’s time for a new Windows. It wouldn’t be right to call it Windows 9.”

That’s all and good, but the question is when can consumers expect to get their hands on the latest operating system? According to Myerson during a Q&A session, he revealed that Microsoft has planned for a mid-2015 release of Windows 10 and it seems that Microsoft will be hosting a BUILD conference in April 2015 where presumably more details will be shared.

Pricing of Windows 10 was not revealed, although previous it was suggested that the upgrade to Windows 10 would be free for Windows 8 users, at least according to Microsoft Indonesia’s president, although a recent report suggests that it might not be the case. Given that Microsoft did not mention anything about price, there is a good chance the latest rumors could be true.

In any case we will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information regarding Windows 10’s release date and pricing, but in the meantime if you missed out on Microsoft’s announcement today, you can check out the video above where Joe Belfiore takes us through a preview of the new operating system.

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