wp40percentAnything that can be measured, it can be improved, and when it comes to mobile operating systems, everyone is jostling for news to be presented in the most positive manner possible. Having said that, AdDuplex has taken a look at just how the Windows Phone ecosystem is doing for this month, and taking into consideration that they are a cross-promotion network that is featured in many apps, they are able to obtain some rather solid statistics. While nothing major has changed in this month, it looks like Windows Phone’s strongest point would be the low end market.

Apparently, the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 handsets that were released not too long ago are now seated at the number 2 position – if one were to combine their market share, of course. AdDuplex was looking into the EU 5 ( France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) in addition to the US to obtain such figures, where a couple of the models made up close to 13% of the market. It is also not surprising to know that Microsoft controls more than 90% of the Windows Phone hardare market compared to other smaller manufacturers.

Apart from that, Windows Phone 8.1 is said to be running on close to 40% of Windows Phone devices around the world – is that encouraging for you as a Windows Phone user and/or developer?

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