withings-activite-fccWithings does have its fair share of wearable devices, and this time around, the Withings Activité wearable device has appeared over at the FCC – which means it ought to be well on its way to the market in due time. After all, we have already seen a fitness tracker that is known as the Pulse O2 which can be clipped onto a belt or clothing, or simply to keep track of the number of your steps taken each day. Alternatively, you can also slap on the Pulse O2 on your wrist like a watch – which looks rather out of place, of course. The Withings Activité is a whole lot more aesthetically pleasing, as it resembles more like a Swiss watch which sports a bevy of motion sensors that are hidden right under the surface.

Specially designed in France and manufactured in Switzerland, it looks like a watch at first, but there is a tiny circle located within the watch’s face that will inform you of your overall progress in the direction of each day’s activity goals. Majority of the front of the device will point your attention to a classic analog watch design, although there will also be Bluetooth connectivity thrown into the mix, and a vibration motor that acts as a somewhat silent alarm. Expect the Withings Activité to be water resistant, boasting of the ability to withstand both sweat and swimming pools. Choose from black or white shades when it arrives with an expected price point of $390 thereabouts.

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