I would like to think that the world has experienced an oversaturation of zombie movies, so much so that there really isn’t anything new or exciting anymore whenever there is a new zombie movie that is about to be shown. Well, if you ever wondered whether you were cut out to survive a zombie apocalypse should it actually happen, perhaps you might want to take a ride on the Sierra Railroad Oakdale Zombie Train?


This is no ordinary train – far from it. In fact, it will help arm passengers with laser guns that can be used to “shoot” the undead hordes that are in search for fresh brains and human parts to chew on, and of course, it will require some sort of laser tag style technology to make sure that the advancing zombie horde does not get too close for comfort. If that happens, perhaps it is time for some potentially messy close quarters combat action, don’t you think so

The Sierra Railroad Oakdale Zombie Train is run by Sierra Railroad Dinner Train, and each passenger on the Saturday rides will carry a laser gun which can be used to shoot the zombie hordes. Those with little children might want to skip the night trains that will feature additional fake gore as well as stronger language, while some planted actors among the passengers would be eaten by zombies to add that element of tension.

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