Syrian-Rebels-Selling-Weapons-on-FacebookFacebook can be handy if you’re looking to buy things because there are various groups and pages that you can browse for certain types of products. Sometimes this might be cheaper than what you find in retail stores, and sometimes they might be secondhand products for people who don’t things that have been used.

However it also seems that recently, reports have surfaced that suggests that Facebook has been abused by terrorist groups such as Isis and Al-Qaeda who have apparently been using the social network to buy and sell weapons. There have been sightings of posts where people are asking to purchase guns with silencers, and posts where people have been selling weapons like an AGS-17 Soviet-era grenade launcher.

Other devices sold include 105mm cannon shells, and one page has apparently been selling TOW missile launchers which according to the page, comes from the US Pentagon. As you’ve probably guessed, Facebook isn’t too happy about such pages and according to a spokesperson, “The page has been removed for breaking our policies.”

Just last month, the social network announced that they would be banning private firearm transactions on its website. Licensed sellers are still allowed to hawk their wares, but private sales will no longer be allowed.

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