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US Navy Tests A Laser Cannon That Can Shoot Down Aircrafts
Whenever we watch TV shows or movies set in the distant future, more often than not guns that would have used bullets are replaced with laser blasters. This also seems to be a common trope in space battles where instead of firing projectiles, aircrafts use lasers instead to shoot things down.

Yevo X Humanium Headphones Are Made From Illegal Firearms
[CES 2018] Have you ever wondered what happens when the authorities seize/confiscate illegal firearms? There are several ways that they can dispose of them, but one of the more interesting ways we’re seeing is through the Humanium project, which basically takes illegal firearms, melts them down into metal, and reuses them for something else.

US Army Wants To Create Bullets That Can Eventually Turn Into Plants
Have you ever wondered what happens to all those bullets and bullet casings that are embedded into the ground, walls, or just strewn across the floor after a battle? It’s not as if there’s a cleaning crew that comes around and picks them up, right? Essentially what happens is that they become waste, waste that takes hundreds of years to biodegrade.

This Gunshot-Plugging Device Just Saved Its First Life
You guys might recall that in 2015, we reported on a device called the Xstat. This is basically a syringe of sorts where upon plugging it into a gunshot wound, would help seal the wound in 20 seconds thanks to the fact that the syringe is pack with tiny sponges. The device was designed for use in the battlefield and it should work in theory.


Terrorists Groups Reportedly Using Facebook To Purchase Weapons
Facebook can be handy if you’re looking to buy things because there are various groups and pages that you can browse for certain types of products. Sometimes this might be cheaper than what you find in retail stores, and sometimes they might be secondhand products for people who don’t things that have been used.

Army Patents Bullets That Can Self-Destruct
On the open battlefield where you know that it’s more or less you and your enemy, you won’t have to worry about shooting civilians. However because sometimes combat can take place in cities and towns where civilians are staying, a stray bullet can injure or kill civilians unintentionally. However this is something that the US Army is hoping to change.

Facebook To Ban Private Firearm Transactions On Its Site
Facebook, apart from being a social media website, can also be used to perform transactions. Sellers could post what they are selling on Facebook groups, and interested buyers can contact them and arrange a meeting, or make a direct deposit in which the item can then be mailed to the buyer.

Physicist Braves A Gun Fired Underwater For Science
How often have we seen movies and video games in which guns are fired into the water, only to have the bullets seemingly travel in a straight line just like they would in real life? It turns out that this is actually not very accurate, and to prove that, physicist Andreas Wahl decided to put it to the test by putting his life on the line.

The Taser Pulse Is Designed For Civilians
Most of the time when you see a taser, chances are they are being used by law enforcement officials. However what if you wanted to protect yourself as a civilian? What if you wanted something similar to a taser, except legal? The good news is that the company has recently launched a civilian device in the form of the Taser Pulse.

Identilock Is A Smart Lock For Your Gun
Guns that only work when it senses its owner is near or if it is fingerprint activated aren’t new. We have heard of and see such devices, but the down is that sometimes these guns are the guns that you want to shoot with. While there’s nothing wrong with those guns, we’re sure that there are gun owners out there who might have a favorite piece that they enjoy shooting […]

Syringe Plugs Bullets Wounds In 20 Seconds
It is safe to say that most of us have had the good fortune of never experiencing what it would be like to be shot by a gun. However in the event that you do get shot by a gun, you might be relieved to learn that the FDA has recently approved a sponge-filled syringe that basically helps plug bullet wounds.Dubbed the Xstat Rapid Hemostasis System, this syringe isn’t new […]

Salt Is A Pepper Spray That Looks Like A Gun [Updated]
Update – Salt has been pulled from Indiegogo. A statement on its website claimed that it was because “it straddled the traditional categories of safety device or weapon”. Refunds have since been given to those who pledged their support, and in the meantime the company is looking for alternative crowdfunding platforms.Most of you guys should be familiar with what a pepper spray looks like. It’s been featured in TV shows, movies, and you’ve probably […]

US Army Will Start Testing Smart Grenade Launchers In 2016
If you’ve ever played games like paintball, you know that enemies hiding behind walls and covers are hard to hit. We can only assume that will also apply in real-life situations such as during military encounters. However it seems that come 2016, the US Army will begin acceptance testing for a smart grenade launcher dubbed the XM25.The XM25 is a smart grenade launcher built by Orbital ATK and has been […]

Trio Of UK Companies Develop A Drone-Freezing Ray
Flying drones to take photos and stunning videos is a fun hobby and many great photographs and videos have been created because of that. However sometimes there are just some places where drones aren’t meant to fly over, like government facilities or the airport due to concerns about privacy and also potential danger.In fact over in the UK to help prevent drones from flying over sensitive areas to either attack […]

Teen Fatally Shoots Himself After Posing For Selfie With A Gun
Selfies are fun, but they can also be dangerous. For example we have heard stories of how some people looking to grab the ultimate selfie have landed themselves in all kinds of accidents. Last year we heard about how a man posed with a gun for a selfie before accidentally shooting himself, killing himself in the process.As if that wasn’t enough warning, earlier this year a woman also managed to […]

Breaking Bad Finale’s Booby Trap Put To The Test
Hopefully by now most of you guys have seen and finished Breaking Bad, or at least aren’t opposed to reading its spoilers. If you have, then you probably might recall that at the end, Walter White rigged the trunk of his car with a machine gun that automatically fires rounds into the house where he and Jesse Pinkman are being held hostage, effectively killing everyone except both of them, thus […]

US Military Developing On Non-Lethal 130-Decibel Noise Gun
Guns are used to shoot people, and are typically meant to shoot with lethal force. In fact trying to disarm someone by shooting them in the arm or leg can sometimes lead to permanent damage. That being said, it looks like the US military is said to be working on a non-lethal gun that can emit a 130-decibel noise.This noise level is said to be equivalent to the sound of […]

Hackers Have Figured Out A Way To Hack Self-Targeting Sniper Rifles
While hi-tech weapons will no doubt allow us to fight and defend ourselves better, it opens up a door to a myriad of other problems that our ancestors with spears, rocks, and bows & arrows did not have to deal with – being hacked, which is what has happened recently with TargetPoint’s self-targeting sniper rifles.The hack comes courtesy of two hackers by the name of Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger, […]

GunDetect Camera Alerts You When A Gun Is Brought Into Your Home
Sometimes you don’t need the cold barrel of a gun poking into the small of your back to know that there is a gun in your midst. Thanks to a smart camera called GunDetect, it will be able to alert homeowners whenever the presence of a gun has been detected. It works through image recognition via a cloud analysis service.Presumably this can be installed in any establishment, not just your […]

How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop An AK-74 Bullet?
In the past we have seen videos where iPhones are destroyed by guns just for fun, but have you ever wondered how strong an iPhone is, to the point where if you stacked many of them against it each that it could potentially stop a bullet? Well that’s what YouTuber EverythingApplePro is trying to find out.Basically he took a bunch of iPhones and a Samsung phone at the end, lined […]