facebook logoWhenever a company experiences growth, that is a good thing most of the time, although there are times when the kind of growth that it experiences does not really manage to be on par with that of its competitors. However, if you happen to be a market leader like Facebook where social networks are concerned, then the rest of the industry will look to you to see if their growth are in tandem with yours – or perhaps even looking to outstrip you. Facebook did register 1 billion monthly active mobile users earlier this March, and in their latest third quarter 2014 results which was announced, it points to an increase that hit the magical 1.35 billion mark.


While this does not mean that Facebook is going to rest on their laurels anytime soon, 1.35 billion is a massive figure – which equals to roughly the number of people living in China. That would mean it would be on par with the most populous country in the world, and if one were to combine both the U.S. and Europe population figures, those will not come close to the number of people over in China.

As for the number of monthly mobile users, it hit the 1.12 billion mark, which happens to be an increase of 29% compared to last year’s figures. [Press Release]

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