find my iphoneApple’s Find My iPhone feature has been used to help locate missing devices, which in turn have also inadvertently led to the discovery of stolen property. It has also been used in search and rescue operations which is what the San Jose police did when they used the service to locate a woman who was trapped in a ravine.

According to a report by KGO-TV, Melissa Vasquez was involved in an accident and while OnStar reported her location to the police, they were unable to locate her or find any evidence of her car being in the location to begin with. However thanks to the efforts of officer David Cameron who was known to be a bit of a “tech geek”, it was suggested that perhaps they could use the Find My iPhone feature to locate her.

This idea came about after they searched Vasquez’s home and where Cameron came across her iPad. The iPad was reportedly locked with as a passcode although Cameron reportedly took three guesses to figure it out, after which he was able to gain access to the Find My iPhone feature.

After that they managed to track her location to a 500-foot South Bay ravine where they took another 20 minutes to airlift Vasquez to a nearby hospital.

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