Recently Driveclub was launched with much fanfare for PlayStation. This game was actually supposed to be a launch title for the PlayStation 4 but it was delayed by almost one full year. The delayed launch didn’t go ever so smoothly. There were countless server troubles which directly affected the gameplay experience as online features are one of its biggest selling points. Its possible that developer Evolution Studios might compensate gamers in same way for all of the issues that they have faced up till now.


Driveclub director Paul Rustchynsky has been quite active on Twitter recently, explaining many things and apologizing for the inconvenience that has been caused to gamers that pounced on Driveclub as soon as it became available.

Rustchynsky said that Evolution Studios didn’t expect that they’ll see such issues arise after launch because the performance testing they had conducted didn’t bring up any red flags. He added that the server troubles aren’t due to lack of capacity but due to “server code having some bugs.”

These troubles have forced Evolution Studios to delay the launch of the PlayStation Plus free edition of this title and no new release date has been provided for that edition.

Rustchynsk was asked if the developer would offer some kind of compensation to gamers that have been facing these issues and he replied that all of the options are being considered right now, so perhaps an olive branch might be extended in the form of a free DLC or something.

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