google inboxYesterday we reported that Google had announced a new email feature called Inbox. Basically it’s a new take on emails where Gmail will be smart enough to filter your emails and categorize them accordingly, so you won’t have to comb through your mountain of emails just to look for a particular one.


Unfortunately the new feature was invite-only and Google had requested those who were interested to send an email to if they wanted to get in on the service. Well the good news is that Google has recently sent out their first wave of invites, and according to reports, it looks like many users have received it.

If you have sent in your request earlier, you can go ahead and check your inbox to see if you have received your invite. If you haven’t, fret not because in a new Twitter account setup by Google, the company has announced that a second round of invites are already being sent out and that more will be on its way.

Unfortunately for those who did receive the invite, it seems that they are not able to invite others, unlike Gmail back in the day, but like we said, more invites are being sent out. It is unclear as to how Google is choosing who to send invites to, but if you want to try your luck, try sending an email to to see if you can get in!

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