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Spark Email Launches On Android Following Inbox’s Demise
Many are no doubt already missing Google’s Inbox by Gmail platform, the email platform from Google that was smart enough to label, organize, and sort your emails without any input from your end. It also came with other nifty features like the ability to snooze emails so that you could get to them at a later date without forgetting about it.

Inbox Users Are Being Reminded To Switch To Gmail
Managing one’s inbox can be quite a difficult thing to do if you receive a ton of emails on a daily basis. This is an area that Google tried to manage by launching its Inbox platform several years ago, where the idea is that it will help make email “smarter” by automatically sorting and organizing your emails into various categories.

Google Inbox To Be Shut Down Next Year
It was back in 2014 that Google’s Gmail team launched an experimental email app called Inbox. It worked with users’ existing Gmail addresses but provided a different user experience compared to the main app. The app was developed with mobile devices in mind with the features to match. However, the experiment seems to be over as Google is reportedly going to shut down Inbox next year.

Google Says Inbox With iPhone X Support Will Be Coming Soon
Just like how developers took some time to eventually start supporting the larger displays and higher resolutions of Apple’s recent iPhones, it seems that there are still some apps that have yet to be updated with support for the iPhone X’s full screen display, such as Google’s Inbox email app.


Inbox Testing Way For Users To Unsubscribe Emails They Don’t Read
From time to time we receive promo emails from companies whose services or products we’ve used in the past, and this can be rather annoying and can clutter up our inboxes. Sure, they could be marked as spam, but that could complicate things if you do decide to use those services again in the future, which means that unsubscribing to them is the best way.

Inbox By Gmail Gets Google Drive Integration And More
Google’s unique email experience – called Inbox by Gmail – has received several new improvements today that add features often requested by users. The new features continue with the Inbox team’s aim to help organize email and save time. New integrations have been added which make it easier for users to see what’s happening, get organized Github and Trello project updates, Google Alerts previews as well as take advantage of […]

Inbox v1.27 For Android Hints At Vacation Responder Feature
For those who receive a ton of emails that they are expected to reply to, features like vacation responders are pretty neat. What happens here is that when you receive an email, you’ll automatically reply by saying that you are not at work and you’ll get back to that person when you return.

Inbox By Gmail Now Lets Users Expand The Compose Window
Looking for a way to manage your emails? If you are, Google’s Inbox by Gmail is one way to go about it. The advantages are that it is a smart inbox meaning that it can tell when an email is related to a purchase, an upcoming trip, a social email, and etc. This is versus older and manual methods where you’d have to sort your emails yourself.

Inbox By Gmail Gets Updated Snooze Options
One of Google’s recent ambitions is to change the way we deal with our emails, which has resulted in the company launching a new email platform called Inbox by Gmail. The idea is that the platform is smart enough to sort your emails, as well as let users tend to their emails at a later time, thus keeping their inbox empty and clutter-free.

Inbox By Gmail Gets Improved Search Features
Search is in Google’s DNA, that’s really what made Google the behemoth that it is today, which is why it’s not surprising to see the company put an emphasis on search-related features in its other services. It has rolled out an update for Inbox by Gmail today that brings improved search features to this email management app, the aim is to make it easier for Inbox users to find important […]

Some Nexus Owners Experiencing Gmail, Inbox Syncing Issues
If you own a Nexus device and for some reason you are encountering some syncing issues with your Inbox or Gmail accounts, fret not because you are not alone. According to posts on the Google Nexus Help Forum and the AOSP Issue tracker, it seems that there are quite a few users who are afflicted by the issue.According to one of the users affected by this, “I’ll send a test […]

Inbox By Gmail Now Lets You Share Trip Bundles
For those unfamiliar, Inbox by Gmail is basically Google’s attempt at trying to “fix” email. The idea is to help you keep your inbox clean so that when new and important emails come in, they won’t be lost in a sea of read/unread messages. It also sorts out your emails by category, like finance, purchases, and etc.Earlier this year Google introduced Trip Bundles to Inbox by Gmail and basically this […]

Inbox By Gmail Updated With More Text Formatting Features
When Google announced Inbox by Gmail, many were surprised that despite Google having plenty of experience with web email clients, oddly enough text formatting in Inbox wasn’t particularly powerful. However we suppose the idea of Inbox is to keep your inbox clean, but we’re sure many users would have appreciated richer text formatting options too.With that being said, if you’re a frequent Inbox user, you’re in luck. Google has recently […]

Inbox By Gmail Introduces Trip Bundles
If your email’s inbox is particularly messy, then Inbox by Gmail is probably a lifesaver as it automatically helps sort your mail out, like filing emails from PayPal, eBay, Amazon, and etc. under Purchases, airline ticket reservations, hotel bookings, and etc. under Trips, and so on, but even then it can still get a bit messy especially if you have multiple bookings made for a single trip.Thankfully Google is ever-working […]

Google Adding Extra Reminder Buttons In Inbox
Google’s Inbox email platform is meant to help users better manage their inbox and ultimately keep it clean and empty. It is also about to automatically detect what kind of emails you are receiving and will be able to sort it by its category. Users will also be able to set reminders on when they should tend to particular emails.That being said, it looks like Google is trying to help […]

Inbox Invite Program Launched For Google Apps Accounts
We reported yesterday that Google’s Sundar Pichai has confirmed that the Inbox by Gmail app will soon be opened up to Google Apps accounts. It wasn’t confirmed if invites would be required for these users as well and today we get to know that the invite system is sticking around. Google has launched an Inbox invite program which would allow Google Apps for business or work users to gain access to the Inbox […]

Inbox By Gmail Will Support Google Apps Accounts 'Imminently'
Last year Google introduced a completely new email application called Inbox by Gmail. The app is fundamentally different from the Gmail app as it seeks to change the way how email is handled on a mobile device. Since then access to the Inbox app has been controlled through an invite system, and those who did receive an invite couldn’t use it with their Google Apps account, since it only supported […]

Google Adds iPad Support To Inbox
Google introduced a new email application called Inbox a few months back. The application seeks to revolutionize the way we consume email on our mobile devices. So far it has only been supported on iOS and Android smartphones but today it gets support for one of the most popular tablets in the market. Google has updated the Inbox for iOS app to add native support for the iPad.

Google Inbox Invites Available All Day Today
The Gmail app has a pretty decent design and its more than capable of handling email. A few months back Google launched another app called Inbox that changes the way email is managed on a mobile device. The app still requires invites before it can be used and today is the first full day of Google providing invites for Inbox. Anyone can get an invite today if they send in their […]

Inbox By Google Updated With Android Wear Support
With Google Inbox allowing users to invite other users and with Google holding a “Happy Hour” of invites back in November, it is safe to say that many of you guys have probably gained access to Inbox as of late. If you haven’t you could probably try asking around to see if your friends have any spare invites.That being said, the good news for Inbox users with Android Wear devices […]