google now policeGoogle Now has an uncanny way of displaying information that you have previously searched for, where it assumes that you might still be interested in learning more about it. Well in case reminding you of your bills and telling you where you parked your car, it seems that Google Now will now be able to tell you things like when an eclipse will be taking place and if there is any police activity in your area.

This is great for those who are constantly on the lookout for eclipses – maybe you want to photograph it, or maybe you just want to mark it down on your calendar. It’s also great to know when there is police activity in an area as it could suggest that traffic might be bad or maybe the situation is a bit too dangerous for you to go check it out.

However it should be noted that for the eclipse Google Now card, it will only tell you about eclipses if you’re in its path, so if you’re not it won’t display the information. It will also tell you how to safely view an eclipse so that you won’t damage your eyes looking at it.

As for the police activity Google Now card, some of the reports is said to be far away from the user, which we guess could be a good thing and is meant to keep users updated with the situation. Clicking the card will also launch the full public report. So, what do you guys make of these new Google Now cards? Any particular card you would like to see next from Google?

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