revolvHome automation seems to be a particular niche market that has certainly grown by leaps and bounds, and it does not look as though it is going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, Google’s very home automation company known as Nest Labs (which has produced stuff like the Nest Protect) has just purchased the home automation company known as Revolv. Unfortunately, this particular acquisition did not end up on a nice note, since the entire product line has been shut down none the sooner. Earlier this year, there was also another acquisition by Nest when they picked up the networked-home-security company Dropcam for $555 million.

Those who actually decided to drop by Revolv’s website and look for some of their items, such as the Revolv hubs which will assist different home automation devices to communicate with one another, have been informed that the hub itself has been merged into Nest’s “Works With Nest” program. In other words, one can no longer make any more purchases.

The hub happened to be a wireless networking centre that will feature seven different radio transceivers, where it is capable of receiving connections from disparate smart devices located throughout the home, while uniting them under a solitary user interface for easier usage. It does not matter whether one is talking about smart locks or smart light globes, or perhaps even Nest’s smart thermostat, they will be corralled by the one Revolv hub.

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