hp logoHP is a company known for creating computers and printers, but according to a new rumor courtesy of Re/code, it seems that HP could be building a device that combines all of their products together. The device is said to be announced on the 29th of October and has been given the “Sprout” project codename.


According to the report, Sprout is said to be a Windows-based PC that will come with a 3D scanner and a projector built into it. The latter feature isn’t new as we have seen smartphones and even tablets come with built-in projectors, so why not a PC, right? However we have to admit that the 3D scanning part is intriguing.

Re/code has described the 3D scanning feature as, “The overhead device projects images downward onto the work surface, which users can manipulate with their hands or with a stylus. They can resize pictures, move elements around and change colors. They can also easily add new elements to the image by scanning objects or other images directly on the work surface.”

As you might have heard, HP has recently announced that they will be splitting into two separate companies and it seems that this Sprout computer is a pretty ambitious and “out there” sort of product that one would not have expected from the old HP. In any case we guess we only have a week to go to see if the rumors are true, but in the meantime what do you guys make of it?

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