hp logoMost of us probably know HP as a company that makes a variety of consumer electronic goods, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and at one point in time they even tried their hand at webOS smartphones. However according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that HP could be getting ready to split into two companies.

One of the companies is said to be focused on making and selling PCs, while the other is going to focus on corporate hardware and services. HP’s current CEO Meg Whitman is expected to run the business hardware group, while Dion Weisler, one of HP’s executives, will be heading up the other group.

So why the split? Well according to the folks at Re/code who have also confirmed that they have been hearing about the split, the reason is because HP had tried to sell off its PC division to the likes of Dell and Lenovo, but have not been successful in their attempts. It is believed that by splitting the company into two, it would make for a simpler balance sheet which would then make it more appealing to companies who were thinking about it.

Unsurprisingly when a HP was reached for a comment on the matter, a spokeswoman had declined to comment on the rumor. It is unclear as to when this split will be taking place, but HP is expected to discuss the plan in detail come this Wednesday at a meeting with their financial analysts.

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