Earlier this year we started hearing rumors that Apple is working on a significantly larger iPad with a 12.9-inch display. It is believed that this tablet will be called the iPad Pro whenever it comes out. We don’t expect Apple to show off this product at the event today where it will be unveiling the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. A new report from NYT reveals that while work is certainly being done on the larger iPad the product isn’t really officially within the company itself.

What this means is that the 12.9-inch iPad may only be a prototype, and that it may never exit the prototype stage. Internally Apple may test a variety of different products that we never get to hear about and that doesn’t mean all of those products will hit the market at some time.

Citing two Apple employees The New York Times reports today that there’s a project going on in Apple which is “an iPad with a jumbo screen.” The employees told this to NYT on the condition of anonymity because “the product is not yet finished, nor is it considered official yet.”

Recent reports have suggested that Apple may not introduce the iPad Pro until 2015 so for now it looks like this product is very much on the drawing board.

The report reiterates some rumors we have heard about the upcoming iPads, such as the possibility that they’ll both have Touch ID fingerprint scanners and that the iPad Air 2 will be available in gold color.

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