kyocera-bendable-display-concept[CEATEC 2014] Do you feel that the world is always on the lookout for the next big thing? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would have noticed the trends where there are more and more different form factors being introduced where smartphones, tablets and smartwatches are revealed. Not only that, new materials that are researched and developed will also be able to ensure manufacturers roll out some zany new designs, and Kyocera’s bendable display concept is definitely one of them.

As you can see above, the particular bendable display on the left has been folded into half, making it look as though it is a smartphone, showing off a rather HTC-like user interface. As for the device on the right hand side, it has been “opened” up, so to speak, and that means the bendable display would then show off a virtual keyboard on which you can type with, while the other half would be the “screen” of the operating system.

The lack of tactile feedback on such a virtual keyboard might take some getting used to however, so it remains to be seen whether such an idea will be able to catch up with the masses. If it is going to make it big, however, it would have to be relatively cheap to produce, otherwise the high cost of entry is going to be prohibitive to the masses.

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