murata-baby-life-log-tool-1[CEATEC 2014] Parenting is not an easy task, and I certainly take my hat off to the older generation of parents who had to juggle not only a family and work life, but they had five, six, or even more than seven children running around the home, being of various ages and needs, so much so that the parents themselves still had enough “alone time”. What a tough juggling act to follow? Imagine how much easier life would have been for them if they had the advantage of technology on their side? Murata knows this, which is why the company has come up with this unique Baby Life Log Tool that will carry a slew of sensors within so that your newborn will constantly be able to be monitored, letting you attend to other tasks without being distracted.

The Baby Life Log Tool will feature a Bluetooth smart module as well as its fair share of sensors, making it a snap to record a baby’s environment as well as life rhythms, and also allowing it to link to a smartphone when it comes to the management of collected information.

Just what kind of data will the Baby Life Log Tool be able to carry? For instance, it will enable the recording of various information including the likes of surrounding temperature and humidity, the baby’s skin temperature, and the number of times that the diaper has been changed. Mom can then know whether dad has been doing his job properly or not during his turn…

All of the information will be connected to an electronic mother’s handbook or healthcare facility, and parents are not the only ones who will have access to such information, as invited family members too, can have a slice of the action as well if they so desire. The benefits of having an extended family, I guess. So when will baby be introduced to the iPad?

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