kyocera-gibbon-1[CEATEC 2014] In this day and age, hearing about little children getting lost or kidnapped, or even worse done to them have become so commonplace, that it is no longer that shocking of a news as we all become numb to it. Having said that, what can parents do about such a situation? Sitting back and acting passively is not going to help the situation just in case tragedy strikes, and this is why Kyocera decided to step in and fill the niche of introducing a child location tracking device that looks appealing enough for your little one to wear it everywhere he or she goes. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Kyocera Gibbon!

The Kyocera Gibbon basically reminds me of the old school slap on wristwatch that had this metal band that will curl around your wrist right after you give it a good but short “hit” around your wrist. There is a built-in GPS chipset as well, allowing one to know where the Kyocera Gibbon is, and the integrated heart rate sensor is handy – especially when you would want to know whether the Kyocera Gibbon is being left alone somewhere to throw the authorities off trail in a kidnap case, or if it is still being worn by your child.

A security button will issue a SOS alert to the relevant authorities in the event of an emergency, while a built-in safety flashlight would be able to help one see in the dark – perfect for blackouts, or when it gets too late into the evening that you would want to see just where you are going to step to next. It remains to be seen just when the Kyocera Gibbon will swing its way into various markets though.

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