protection-plus-power-for-samsungPerhaps there will come a day when our smartphone batteries will last us for days without having to charge it every night, but for now, most of us are lucky if we can squeeze two day’s use out of our smartphones with regular use. This might explain the surge in popularity for power banks and battery cases.

Now if you’d rather not bring a power bank with you wherever you go, you might be interested to learn that Logitech has recently unveiled the Protection [+] battery case designed for the Samsung Galaxy S5. As its name implies, this case acts not only as a battery case, but will afford Galaxy S5 owners some degree of protection should the device be dropped onto the floor.

Unfortunately it seems that this means that there will be a bit of bulk added to the phone, but as Logitech has highlighted, the case will exceed the US Military’s drop-test standard meaning that it will be able to survive from falls as high as 1.2m, although given that it does pack a battery inside of it, chances are you won’t want to drop it as often.

Also given that the case is part of Logitech’s Plus lineup, it will integrate with the company’s other accessories like mounts for your car and whatnot. If this sounds like a case you might be interested in, head on over to Logitech’s website where you can get your hands on one for $100.

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