nfc handRight now we can use our phones with NFC to make mobile payments. However what if you could do away with the phone and use your own body to make payments with? Imagine being able to go up to a counter, tap your hand against the terminal and have it automatically charged to your credit/debit card.

While that is an interesting idea, one man has actually taken that idea and made it a reality, sort of. Robert Nelson has essentially taken an NFC chip and implanted it within his hand. Apparently such kits are readily available online, although for safety reasons we won’t link to them lest you end up hurting yourself if not properly applied.

Moving on, what Nelson has used his implanted NFC chip for is for simple activities – for now – such as being able to unlock his smartphone simply by picking it up. However he plans on taking it one step further to use it to unlock his house, open the garage door, and maybe even unlock his car.

While it does seem like a pretty dangerous idea, think of all the possibilities such implants could do. Imagine being able to monitor your body’s biometrics on a much more detailed and intimate level, or being able to more accurately identify you based on your DNA as opposed to fingerprints.

Of course we imagine that there must be plenty of obstacles to overcome and regulatory hurdles, but what do you guys think of the idea? Is it something that we can look forward to in the future?

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