panasonic-pin-liion-battery-3[CEATEC 2014] As life becomes more inundated with mobile devices, one particular issue still remains – that of battery life, or rather, the relatively limited amount of it. How many of us would wish our smartphones were able to last for days before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet, just like how the Nokia handsets of yore did. Well, as devices become smaller and lighter, so too, will the battery technology need to move in tandem with the situation. Panasonic might be on to something here with their new pin-type lithium ion battery.

This pin-type lithium ion battery, as its name suggests, will arrive in the shape of an extremely small cylinder, sporting a diameter count of 3.5mm, making it the smallest in the industry for its class. Such a battery would certainly be able to further expand design options of smaller devices. Another plus point for the Panasonic pin-type lithium ion battery would be doing away with the need for a battery replacement from time to time since this particular battery can be recharged each time it is exhausted.

Just alleviate your fears of the battery going “boom!”, Panasonic has performed the relevant tests on this proprietary device, offering a high level of reliability and safety. There are three different models that will eventually be made available, with the CG-425 and CG-435 being under development while the CG-320 as you see above is a working prototype.

The CG-425 and CG-435 will have a diameter of 4.5mm and sport a nominal capacity of 30mAh and 50mAh, respectively, and can be used on the rims of smart glasses, in a pen, or even on a wearable wristband.

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