alien blueOddly enough despite Reddit’s popularity, there just hasn’t been an official app that users can use to check out their favorite subreddits. There have been plenty of unofficial third-party Reddit apps, but it looks like we now have an official one, sort of, and the good news is that chances are you might already be using it.


If you’re an avid browser of Reddit on your mobile device, you might have come across the Alien Blue Reddit app. Well if you have, you might be interested to learn that Reddit has since acquired the rights to the app and have also hired the developer responsible for creating it. Through this acquisition, it sort of makes the Alien Blue app the official Reddit app.

According to Reddit’s head of Strategic Partnerships Ellen Pao, “We think Alienblue is great, and it’s the most popular reddit app on iOS. We wanted to be able to offer it as a reddit app, and we wanted to help Jase with additional resources to do everything he wanted to do with it.”

The app will retain its Alien Blue moniker and will not be rebranded to “Reddit” because according to Pao, “Our whole philosphy has been to give our users choice. We’ve got the reddit AMA app, and alienblue coming out… but we really want users to use whatever they want.” The iPad app is now free while they work on merging it with the iPhone app. As for the iPhone version, it is also free although users can pay $2 for the Pro upgrade.

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