sharp-crystal-x-array-1[CEATEC 2014] I know that our living room TVs love being slim. After all, the change from the fat and chunky CRT to that of a slim LCD TV proved to be revolutionary all those years back, and over the years, LCD has given way to LED, introducing sharper colors than ever before, not to mention being able to pump out even higher levels of resolution, so much so that the next “arms race”, so to speak, would be the have the TV to be as thin as possible, with virtually non-existent bezels. Oh yeah, how about throwing in the ability for the TV to curve as well in order to deliver a stunning visual experience? The bezel-less revolution might be big among smartphones soon too, as demonstrated by this multi-phone array display of the Sharp Aquos Crystal X.

The Sharp Aquos Crystal X happens to be a 5.5″ smartphone with 1080p resolution, and while it is already out in the Land of the Rising Sun since August this year, there has been no confirmation as to whether it will make its way over to the US anytime soon – or anywhere else on the planet, for that matter. Underneath the hood lies a Snapdragon 801 processor, and it has virtually reduced its bezel to nothing. Unfortunately, it lacks a waterproof capability which more often than not, is a feature that is more and more commonly found among Japanese smartphones.

We like the way the extremely thin bezel is able to deliver a lovely display that works great for advertising purpose, and you can rearrange the form and pattern accordingly to suit your organization or business’ needs. Interesting idea, but nothing groundbreaking actually.

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